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Marine and Shipbuilding Solutions

Propulsion systems for ships at sea put unique demands on gearing and gearboxes. Space limitations require innovation in compact design. Multiple power sources and driven components, common in service, put unique loads on gear trains that likely require different solutions.

OCG designs and makes gears and gearboxes that withstand the unique torque, force absorption, weight, and size challenges present in marine applications. Our gearing is also used in azimuth, tunnel, and underwater-mounted thrusters to ABS, Lloyds and DNV standards. Ship-based dredge pumps and submerged cutter drives also feature our gears.

We have one of the largest bevel manufacturing departments in the Americas. OCG delivers high performance, high reliability spiral bevel gear sets meeting DIN 6 and AGMA 11 standards.

Proven Performance Gearing
Crane and hoist drives require specialty gearing for heavy load lifting. OCG designed and manufactured almost 100 right-angle gearboxes for multiple travel-drive cranes. These 60-ton cranes are essential to port operations and must withstand both loading and environmental stresses. OCG delivered on time and the units have performed flawlessly over the years.