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Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

Gearing is needed throughout the oil and gas industry—onshore and offshore, upstream and downstream. Our engineers and manufacturing team work closely with oil and gas OEMs and end-users to design high performance open gearing and precision enclosed drive systems.

Our gears are used in almost every step of the oil extraction process. We manufacture bevels to power the mills that prepare taconite for drilling mud and drive rotary tables. We make spur, helical and double helical gearing used in mud pumps and top drives. We make enclosed drives for draw works. We make gears used to lift and anchor rigs.

OCG’s state of the art equipment performs hobbing, gashing and 5-axis milling simultaneously without releasing the workpiece from the fixture. Performing all these operations in on chucking creates a more accurate, reliable and long lasting gear. Double helical pinions and gears with small or no center gap are now manufactured to AGMA Q10(A7) accuracy.