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Open Gearing Capabilities

Straight, Skewed and Spiral Bevel
Spurs, Helicals, and Rack

Overton Chicago Gear is a full service gear manufacturer. We manufacture large and small diameter, coarse and fine pitch gears to the highest AGMA quality levels. Our equipment enables us to upgrade gears to wrought material that could previously only be made from castings, which more than doubles their life span. We are unique in our ability to press quench thin section gears like bevels and rings. Press quenching minimizes distortion resulting in a more uniform case, less post-carburizing machining and longer life.

Milled Open Gearing
Our milling capabilities include spur, helical, double helical or continuous tooth herringbone, straight, skew and spiral bevels typically resulting in AGMA Q11 all to 4 meter diameter and 2.5 meters in length. We machine narrow gap double helical gears with four times the accuracy of traditional methods. This AGMA 11 rating reducing customer inventory costs by allowing single herringbone components to be interchangeable instead of being lapped together as AGMA 7 matched sets.

OCG has more 5-axis milling machines than any other gear manufacturer in North America. As a result, we can deliver small lots without the delay or expense of large one-time tooling charges. Large lots or repeat orders are produced on conventional machines for cost effectiveness.

Ground Open Gearing
OCG uses a combination of profile and threaded wheel grinders to provide cost effective, accurate spur and helical internal and external gears from 2 inches to 2 meter diameters. We have five independent gear metrology machines to ensure that setup errors are not masked by checking on gear finishing machines.

Hard Cut Open Gearing
Our Klingelnberg hard cut spiral bevel machines typically produce AGMA Q11 sets to 85-inch diameter. Their continuous indexing reduces spacing error resulting in quieter operation and longer life.

Our Gleason bevel cutters are capable of manufacturing straight bevel gears to 100-inch diameter. Hypoids and skews to 100-inch diameter can be manufactured on our Gleason cutters. Both Klingelnberg and Gleason sizes can be increased to 160-inch diameter with our 5-axis milling machines.

OCG now also offers bevel gears cut on our 5-axis milling machining, enabling a quick turn option for our customers.

OCG makes worm sets from 1-inch to 34-inch center.