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Spur, Helical, and Rack Gears

OCG hobs external spur or helical gears to 96-inch diameter and shapes internal spurs and helicals to 63-inch diameter. We can alternatively mill gear teeth to 160-inch diameter. When required we subsequently finish grind the teeth of internal and external gears to 94-inch diameter, increasing accuracy, efficiency and reliability. Final acceptance on gears 100-inch diameter and less is always based on our separate gear measuring equipment.

Unique Large-Diameter Quench Press Approach
We minimize distortion on thin section rings by press quenching, setting us apart from other gear makers. Less distortion results in less stock removed in finishing operations, increasing gear strength and life. This quench approach also creates a consistent finished case depth, which is key to a long-life gear.

Helical Gears in Pump Applications
Pump manufacturers particularly benefit from the accuracy increase of milled, closed gap double helical gears. Service life was extended sufficiently for some manufactures that they eliminated their plan to redesign their gear sets, saving them considerable roll out costs.

Large Racks and Gear Segment Milling
Multi-axis milling allows us to finish large racks, racks or gear segments to 160-inch diameter or 78-inch length with spur, helical or double helical teeth. Following carburizing, our precision machines and tools allow us to meet all accuracy requirements. Our modeling software models the complex micro geometry necessary to create compact, accurate gears. Milled teeth are typically AGMA Q11 quality.