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Wind Energy Solutions

Overton Chicago Gear manufactures high reliability wind turbine gearing for some of the top manufacturers of wind turbine gearboxes, wind turbine maintenance companies and wind farm operators. We also, in many cases, are able to recondition gears, reducing costs for our customers.

Our large tooth grinding department creates accurate gearing while our five independent gear checking machines further reduce the possibility of errors. Our in house heat treat facility and staff metallurgist ensure optimal material selection and heat treatment. Each lot is nondestructively tested for surface discontinuities per our customers’ requirement or per our standard practice when unspecified.

OCG is one of the few companies in the United States that has in-house machining and heat treatment capability to serve this growing industry. Our proven methods are known for meeting the industry’s high standards. We understand the rigors of turbine duty and the tolerances necessary to create long lasting efficient gearing specifically for wind energy applications.